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MORE Than Conquerors!

Ready to Discovery Your God-given Leadership Potential?

The Story –

The Day God Made YOU!

Many Christian Leaders struggle with feelings of inadequacy about being in positions of influence.  Hear first-hand what God says is true about your unique value in this short video.  May the truth set you free!

Be Freed From Imposter Syndrome

You’ll learn the exact steps to understand and overcome Imposter Syndrome and low self-esteem!

Start speaking so people take action today!

What Students Are Saying

Mindset – Facts vs Feelings

MasterClass Students’ “I’m Done with                  ” statements: 

I’m done with analysis paralysis, letting others’ opinions hold me back, feeling inferior, waiting for perfection, self-sabotage, staying in my comfort zone…

Heart Posture – Getting on God’s Page

 “I used to believe that I’m not as good as others” but now I know “I am uniquely made by God and I do not need to be like others, I need to be myself”

J.V. ~ Buena Vista, Colorado, Elite MasterClass Student

Skillset – Honing Speaking Skills

 “I have specific unique knowledge and my story is extremely important and according to Revelation my message conquers the enemy”

V.M. ~ Cary, North Carolina, Elite MasterClass Student

Mentorship – Connecting with Community

“Being part of the MasterClass community I am surrounded by people who encourage me, sharpen me, and spur me on to achieve more than I thought possible”

A.W. ~Summersville, West Virginia

Keep the Confidence Flowing