Think Like a Leader

Throughout the course of a week, I speak with leaders from across the country, whether in my MasterClass or via digital connections.  Many of them are seeking better means to be a more effective leader.  However, some don’t see themselves as leaders at all.  They are simply following…The Call.  So how does a follower become an effective leader?

There are some things I learned that I will share here from my studies in entrepreneurialism.  It was a big shift to go from “therapy” to “coaching” and the types of questions used universally in coaching programs can be helpful in various contexts.

These are always the leading questions:

  1. Where are you going? (what do you want to change, or see)
  1. How will you know when you get there? (what will it ‘look’ like when you arrive) 
  1. What is the best part about that? (what about getting there will bring you joy) 

You might notice that these are very practical questions, more fact based than emotional.  However, some people have a hard time answering these questions in a straight forward fashion and give very emotionally laden answers.

Often, I use the weight loss example: 1. I want to lose 30 pounds.  2. When the scale shows me 30 pounds lights. 3. I can be more active.

Emotional answers would be: 1. I am too fat and need to lose weight. 2. When I can stop buying fat clothes 3. When I look in the mirror I won’t be so grossed out.

Now how do we apply this to a ministry context? 1. I want those I serve to love God more. 2. They will share their testimonies of growth with me.  3. The Kingdom is growing

Emotional ministry answers would be: 1. I want people to listen to me 2. They will be more responsive to what I say 3. I won’t feel like a failure

There have been several occasions where Christian Leaders have had a hard time succinctly answering the questions in a practical way.  The only way to truly lead is to be able differentiate between factual thinking and feelings based thinking.  This can be extremely hard for those of us in serving positions where people are regularly involved.  Lots of personalities and ideas and expectations can be flung around.

Therefore, as Leaders, we must have the mind of Christ, be singularly focused on the bottom line and where we are headed.  When we can articulate this, it is easier for people to follow.


Paul stated in 1 Cor. 11:1,


“Follow me, I follow Christ”   


The next time you need to make a decision or statement, ask yourself, “Is what I am about to do based on the facts to get us closer to the goal, or is it an emotional response to internal junk or external social pressure?”


Think like a Leader!


Remember this: your ministry success is my mission!


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Your ministry matters,

Pastor Elaine 🌻


p.s. would you be interested in a mini- “Speaking Skills for Leaders” bootcamp? I will schedule one if there are enough people who are interested.