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Most Christian Leaders and Influencers struggle with feelings of inadequacy about being in positions of influence. My goal is to address some of the underlying causes as well as give tools and tips to overcome and conquer self-doubt and speak with professional impact. Becoming MORE than Conquerors takes courage and intentionality, tools and community.

If there is ever a topic you would like to know more about, please feel free to comment below or send me a message.

The time is now for us to step up to The Call that God has gifted us with, to be the light for a darkening world. As we learn to hold hands and spur one another along to love and good deeds, we will truly be the salt of the earth that flavors humanity with confident love…for such a time as this.

I look forward to hearing your goals and dreams, as well as struggles and failures, as we journey together on The Way.

There is truly compulsive hope for those driven by God, empowered by the Spirit, and redeemed by Jesus.

My desire is to see Christian Leaders across the USA boldly proclaim a clear message of reconciliation with God. Freed from Imposter Syndrome. Spoken with professional skill. Thus, changing the landscape of the American Church.

Many of us have been victims of past issues and subsequently, by the nature of time, are now survivors. However, we don’t get stuck there. We learn the process of recovery, and eventually overcome. Then we go out into the world and conquer! Yes, the Scriptures proclaim that we are MORE than conquerors!

Let’s start asking ‘where’s the more’?

Let’s be honest about the work we personallly need to do, but also how far we’ve come.

I believe when Christian Leaders in the USA are freed from self-doubt and hone their speaking skills they will not shrink back from new opportunities to share a message, the only message that changes the hearts of mankind.

Using our Divine Imagination to see God doing a new thing, and preparing The Bride of Christ for His returning, we will thoroughly enjoy our unique identities as Christian Leaders and see our ministries flourish and grow.

He is able, and worthy!

Are you ready?

Let me know in the comments where God is leading you to live a life of bold courage.

~Pastor Elaine 🌻

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